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CTR Ontact #14 I spend my childhood in England and China 21-08-31 12:15



Hello everyone, My name is Bonghyun Kim. 

You guys have been calling me Hyun instead of my full name, 

I spend my childhood in England and China. I was lucky to learn both English & Chinese along with the culture outside of Korea. 

friendly and satisfied account manager by business partners. 

Bonghyun Kim_01.jpg


My first job was also sales work in automotive industry.

My experience in England & China helped me a lot for managing the business with global customers 

I joined CTR about one and a half years ago. I was assigned to Europe business team and started building relationships with business partners in Europe. 

CTR is maintaining good relationship with partners in Europe. But the amount of business is not as big as Asia, or North & South America. This is why I think my role, our Team’s role is important in entire sales team in CTR.

One of my priority is to be recognized as a friendly and satisfied account manager by business partners. 

I manage all the small and big issues related with PSA which recently changed name to Stellantis including FCA. I am also in charge of Daimler business as well. 

Commercial issue, quality issue, logistic issue, and so on, we have colleges who is taking care of the issues, But eventually they all have to go through my hands before it reaches to Europe. 

We are supplying S.links and Ball joints to Stellantis, and they are used in a main platform. Recently received and RFQ from PSA to start control arm business as well. 

We don’t have actual component supplies to Daimler at the moment. But right now, CTR is competing to win a business for a huge platform. The process is ongoing and our team is looking forward for the good news. 


To become top class supplier in Europe. 


Being a main supplier for various OEMs for over half of the century proves our quality and technical improvement skills. 

Our R&D department is working hard to be more competitive. Especially to follow the trend in automotive industry. For example CTR is becoming more professional for components which are used in Electric vehicle.

Like I have mentioned earlier the amount of Europe business is smaller than other region, Our brand value is not treated as a top class supplier in Europe. This is one of the reason why we have launched “MAXLITE”. To go closer and to be more friendly in automotive industry. 

Valuable partners & customers each of us belongs in different side of the organization. 

I am in sales you guys are in purchasing. 

My job is to be selected as a supplier and your job is to pick out the supplier who is reliable and supplies high quality product with competitive price. 

We will try best for you to choose us without any worries or concerns, 

European market is future of CTR. Please keep your eyes on CTR. It will be interesting to watch us growing up as a top supplier in steering components in Europe market. 

Thank you

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