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New Year's Concert 2024 with CTR by Leeds Opera Ensemble 24-02-07


On January 25th, the Leeds Opera Ensemble, a sponsored organization by the Gyeongnam Mesena Association supported by the CTR Group, held a special event titled "<Corporate Love, New Year's Concert with CTR>" for CTR members.  





This concert was composed of various programs including opera, musicals, and movie theme songs, providing the audience with a diverse range of enjoyment through classical ambiance and lively, familiar tunes. It was a special time where not only CTR members but also friends and family could accompany and share joy together. 




The Leeds Opera Ensemble is an organization where vocalists from the Gyeongnam region gather to preserve the artistic and creative aspects of opera while minimizing the common prejudices and burdens associated with opera as much as possible. Additionally, it strives to support young musicians who need opportunities to perform on stage without giving up their dreams. 

While the Leeds Opera Ensemble provides opportunities for the local community to experience the musical art culture of opera, similar to other cultural professions, it faces challenges in generating revenue outside of performances. Considering this environment, the CTR Group has been continuing its sponsorship activities for the Leeds Opera Ensemble through the Gyeongnam Mesena Association since 2013, contributing to the growth of local culture.  

In 2024, the CTR Group aims to contribute to the activation of the local community and the development of artistic culture, continuously creating cultural experiences that can be enjoyed together.

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