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CTR's local contribution project: building a ‘Safe playground’ for act… 21-07-10


On July 10th, an agreement ceremony of “To build a safe playground to guarantee children's right to play” held at the Central Building.
The project was promoted with the aim of making a safe place for children to play in, and it is a social contribution project conducted by CTR, Changwon city, Gyeongnam Community Chest of Korea and Save the Children Korea.

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For this project, CTR has donated about 150,000 Dollars to contribute to the local community.
As CTR is moving forward with the mission to add value of safety to customers and make society safer by creating safe products, our company has decided to commit this contribution so that children - the future leaders can grow up in a safer environment and have dreams and hopes.

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The first ‘Safe playground’ remodeled would be Gangjeong Children's Park in Sapa-dong, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si. The playground is in a residential area of Sapa-dong and has Sapa Elementary School and a nursery nearby, making it a favorite place for many children.
We are listening to the local community’s voice so that the park can be re-created as a space that residents want by hosting residential workshops and surveys on opinions of Sapa Elementary School students, in addition to trying to create a safe play culture by conducting workshops with CTR employees who are parents.
CTR is not only donating expenses, but also promoting employee talent donations for the project.
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