CTR will develop as a core company
providing safe mobility solutions.

About CTR
Philosophy & Mission
We are continuously making a safe world
for our employees, customers, and society.
When thinking about safety, we see employees before business.
When thinking about safety, we see the life of customers over products.
When thinking about safety, we see the society in which we all will live.

A core mobility company that thinks about the value of safety for the happiness of our employees,
the trust of our customers, and the social development and that continues innovation –

CTR will establish a safer world and happier life.
Central to your safe mobility
Our company, which name signifies “center” and “core”, will aim for
our employees, clients, and all members of our society
to live a safe life
by becoming a core company that provides safe products and services for all types of transportation.
CTR prepares a world where everyone can enjoy a safe mobility life through high-quality products and innovative services in a safe environment.
In addition, we intend to ultimately become a core mobility company that provides safe products and services in all means of transportation
by continuously investing in eco-friendly technologies for the future generation and by continuously
expanding the business field based on the core technologies and competence.
Core Values
The meaning embedded in CTR's four core values has been reinterpreted into simple and intuitive icon forms.
The changed icons represent the formula 'Combination of Core Values = CTR (Results)'
Established ‘Shilla Store’, which is the parent company of CTR
Established Shilla Ironworks (1960) and ShinShin Manufacturing (1962) which are the start of automobile parts manufacturing
Shilla Ironworks and ShinShin Manufacturing, reborn as ‘Shinshin Machinery Service Center’ equipped with a manufacturing system
By attracting investment from Japan Central Automobile Co., Ltd., established Korea Central Automobile Industry
Established technological base through transfer of ball joints, heating process technology from Japan
Determines entry in OE business (1974) and established Geumsa-dong factory for OE business
Relocated the headquarter from Busan to Changwon
R&D system establishment through opening of a research institute
Announce ‘CTR-27’ which is the first slogan
First export with global OE to Borg-Warner, which is a profession company in transmission in the U.S.
CTR brand launching through ‘CTR’ trademark registration
Starting with exports to GM in the U.S., expanded OE exports to global complete vehicles
Established CTR’s initial global manufacturing corporation (CTR CHINA) in China
Established manufacturing corporations sequentially in Mexico (2016), Vietnam (2018), etc.
Established a global local system by establishing sales corporations in Russia, Poland, U.S., and Thailand.
Declared the vision of ‘A mobility company pursuing safety of mobility’
Enlisted ‘CTR Mobility’ in the Korea Stock Exchange (KOSPI)
Challenged the mobility field through investment, partnership, and M&A
Changed the company from ‘Central’ to ‘CTR’
Organization Culture
We are establishing flexible and horizontal organization culture
so that the workplace can be a good place to work.

# Employees’ happiness #Autonomy #Responsibility # Growth
The word mark of CTR Inc indicating ‘Center’ and ‘Core’ expresses CTR as acronym of CTR.
Here C means ‘Challenge, T means ‘Teamwork (Cooperation), R means Responsibility & Respect.
All products delivered CTR indicate reliability and unlimited possibility so that
all customers use safely and also indicates advancing to the world as a global leader.