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​CTR MOTEK and CTR DTS merged on 1st April 22-04-01


CTR MOTEK and CTR DTS merged on 1st April


CTR MOTEK and CTR DTS merged last Friday. As a surviving company, CTR MOTEK merged with CTR DTS.


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Since "New Vision" was announced in the 2nd half of 2017, CTR Group has been strengthening its competitiveness for the achievement of vision and sustainable growth.

By reorganizing the business structure with turbulent times for the vehicle industry, the company is aiming to maximize the synergies among the organizations. 


How the merger will benefit CTR Group including the two entities:


1. HR and organizational effectiveness increase

2. Positive effect on the financial stability of CTR Group

3. An acceleration in future technology development through R&D integration between the two entities

4. Production and logistics efficiency improvement by using marginal space in the CTR DTS Daegu factory



CTR will consolidate its position as a ball screw, Eco-friendly precise machining, and driving part manufacturer through the merger of the two entities to increase its market share. The company will keep strengthening its competitiveness for sustainable management.

The CTR members expect that CTR MOTEK will leap more than ever before through this opportunity.


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