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CTR awarded the “300 million dollars Export Tower” on the 59th trade Day 22-12-07


The Korea International Trade Association will collect exports in the second half of the previous year and the
first half of the year to reward companies that have contributed to expanding overseas markets and
export growth on every year’s Trade Day.




CTR will be awarded the Export Tower (over 300 million dollars) at the 59th Trade Day ceremony on 9th December.

Expanding the AM business and eco-friendly product portfolios, the company recorded approximately 350 million
dollars in exports from the second half of 2021 to the first half of 2022 with its competitiveness
of product quality and services accepted by global customers, which means that CTR is overcoming unfavorable
conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exports in 2021 are about 138% of that in 2019,
which indicates the company has been growing significantly despite the crises and showing its potential.

Innovative technology development and quality improvement are facilitated by the auto parts manufacturer.
It finished commercializing an aluminum control arm for the first time in Korea and developed and
mass-production of injection-type ball joints and hybrid S/Link for the first time in the world. Global EV companies
and automotive makers acknowledge CTR’s products because of their quality and eco-friendliness.

Not only certifications of IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 but also the ECOVADIS Silver
Medals awarded 3 years in a row qualify our company’s capability of quality and eco-friendly management.

The company has been building its brand image with brand sites in nine languages and
twenty-four social media channels to expand business in overseas markets and also trying to diversify
exports by expanding its international business and targeting European markets with internalized international sales.

An aim to export more than 400 million dollars by 2023 through active global market expansion
activities, technology development, technology network development, and product quality improvement
is not a dream. We know we can see ourselves smiling together in a new big moment. Greatly appreciated
your dedication. And congratulations on the award. Why don’t we encourage each other to achieve all
the goals we set in 2023? We can make it, CTR!

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