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CTR Co-prosperity Association’s Volunteer Activity 22-12-07



On November 25, the CTR Co-prosperity Association visited Sungsimwon, a facility for the local senior
citizen welfare located in Buk-myeon, Changwon, South Korea, and carried out volunteering.
The Chairman and CEO of CTR, members of the association, and the CEO of Eneris joined the day of
installing an off-grid solar system, making kimchi of love, and contributing daily necessities.

태양광 설치·사랑의 김장 담그기 봉사활동 진행 (1).JPG

Sungsimwon has been lack of help from volunteers for the last three years of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The organization says that the CTR Co-prosperity Association's kimchi-making is a great help.


태양광 설치·사랑의 김장 담그기 봉사활동 진행 (2).JPG

In addition to the Kimchi making, the Association and Eneris supported an off-grid solar system on the roof,
which will help Sungsimwon reduce the burden of electricity bills. It was a warm day for the seniors’
club and the volunteers. CTR and the CTR Co-prosperity Association plan continuously
to carry out social contribution activities for local communities.



태양광 설치·사랑의 김장 담그기 봉사활동 진행 (3).JPG


태양광 설치·사랑의 김장 담그기 봉사활동 진행 (4).JPG


* The CTR Co-prosperity Association is an organization of CTR and its 43 suppliers. Since 2017, this organization
has been carrying out several social contribution activities for the local community: support for the
vulnerable and environmental cleanup activities to realize the value of growth sharing.

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