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Clean Campaign by CTR VINA: Keeping Our Surroundings Clean 24-03-06


On January 31st, 2024, as part of CTR VINA's ESG activities, the Clean Campaign was implemented for the first time! This campaign aims not only to clean the surrounding environment but also to raise awareness about environmental protection issues, helping to create a cleaner and more beautiful environment. It is scheduled to be carried out regularly every last Wednesday of the month. 

(Location: Tam Thang Industrial Park community area in Tam Thang commune, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province.) 

Despite the scorching weather on the opening day, approximately 260 CTR VINA members enthusiastically participated in the campaign with passion.


CTR VINA_클린캠페인_1.jpg


CTR VINA_클린캠페인_2.jpg

CTR VINA members, each holding an ESG flag in their hands, divided tasks among themselves and quickly cleaned their assigned areas, making the place spotless. They picked up a lot of litter around the industrial park, demonstrating the importance of environmental protection and making a positive impact on the local community.


CTR VINA_클린캠페인_3.jpg


CTR VINA_클린캠페인_4.jpg


CTR VINA_클린캠페인_5.jpg


CTR VINA_클린캠페인_6.jpg

The Tam Thang Industrial Park community area is known to easily become dirty and accumulate a lot of litter. In fact, on the day of the activity, the trash collected filled up large bins. However, small actions like today's can gradually change the environment, and as these actions accumulate, they can transform the local community. 

Through this Clean Campaign, I hope that the solidarity and sense of responsibility toward the environment among the members will spread widely in the long term, and I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you who contributed to creating a clean environment. 


We will continue to support the wonderful CTR VINA members who are dedicated to the Earth and the environment. 

You can check out the vivid scenes from the site in the video below.  


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