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CTR Ontact #13 Hello, my name is Henry 21-08-13



Hello our valuable customers all,

My name is Henry Lim, the leader of Steering part in CTR Customer Management Team. 

I’m exciting to share my personal work experience with our customers and I am really wonder if everyone is going well in the difficult time because of Covid-19.  I majored in English Literature at University, and after graduation, I started working at a textile company. During my 18 years of work, I had been working in overseas sales team for 7 years at a textile company and then moved to two automotive parts companies and have been working for 11 years so far. 




Steering part in CTR 

At the first automotive parts company, I sold a lot of engine parts to European premium OEMs such as Daimer-benz, Volkswagen, and BMW, and actually won many programs. In particular, the experience of winning an engine oil pump for Heavy Duty Engine Platform (called HDEP) mounted on New Actros that is the biggest commercial vehicle of Daimler is the most memorable. In addition, there were many business exchanges with FCA, Ford and GM in North America, especially I have good experience of winning many oil/ water pumps for the TiegerShark and Hemi engines, which was applied to Chrysler vehicles at the time. 

I moved to CTR with a lot of experience and capabilities I learned in my first automotive parts company in Apr, 2016. 

After I joined CTR, I have been in charge of Nexteer and also I have been in charge of the leader of steering part in CTR since early 2020. My team is having many business with global steering companies such as Nexteer and ThyssenKrupp and Bosch. My team is consists of 3 account sales managers including myself and we all is efficiently and organically responding to each respective customers.


Inner Tie Rod and Outer Tie Rod assembly

The products my team is dealing with are strictly focused on Inner Tie Rod and Outer Tie Rod assembly. Currently, various products are being supplied to each customer all around the world from the plants in Korea, China, and Mexico, and we won many key programs from Nexteer, ThyssenKrupp and Bosch located in North America (US/Mexico) in recent years. 


Nexteer and Bosch are very strategically approaching to get new business from North American OEMs such as Ford, FCA and GM, while ThyssenKrupp is winning many programs from European OEMs such as Daimler and BMW. As many programs are expected to be released in North America in the future, I do think the importance of CTR-Mexico plant is expected increase significantly.

To conclude, Steering market is changing very rapidly. Our competitors are also threatening our place every day with new technologies and competitive prices. In this difficult situation, we will strive to provide our customers with the best products with the best quality and competitive prices without compromising on the current situation. 

As the current Covid-19 pandemic disappears, I hope the day to see and communicate with customers in person will come soon.  

Thank you very much and stay healthy until we meet again. 

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