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CTR Benchmarking for customer satisfaction 22-07-01





Hello everyone, I am Kyungmin, responsible for Design Cost Engineering in R&D Management team. Today, I am going to introduce CTR benchmarking for customer satisfaction.

As you might know, benchmarking is a common activity for most companies. However, CTR is progressing with an attitude of learning the basics.


First, What will we benchmark?

We choose benchmarking targets among the projects we failed to win an order. We prepare our competitor's product and our information we submitted to the customer before such as, drawings, 3d modeling etc. Both products are similar in weight and size because the required customer specification would be almost same. It makes easy to compare Apple to Apple. 


Second, How to analyze? 


We estimate each part of the manufacturing process and cost by appearance and material analysis. Patent investigation for competitor’s products is also conducted at the same time. Next, we compare both products of quality and durability by conducting several tests. Through this detailed analysis, we can learn manufacturing processes we didn't know before. Lastly, we can get various insights by imagining the competitor's intentions.


Third, Who will we share?


It will not be good if the members of it will only get some insights. We share the benchmarking results not only to key engineers in R&D but also to sales and purchasing members. Through this process, CTR is able to develop a comprehensive strategy and discuss to realize customer value at the next opportunity.


Sometimes, we're afraid because of the technical gap between our competitors and ours. However, We think checking the level of the customer requirements and our current level is the first step in overcoming this fear. CTR benchmarking is very important because it allows us to know why we failed before and in order to verify our goals to satisfy our customers for the next time.

So far, it was a CTR R&D Center that makes a constant effort. Please feel free to contact us, trusting our technical capabilities. 

Thank you for listening

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