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Introducing the world's best technology CTR’s control arm 22-11-16 17:45


Hello everybody!

I’m Dave(byeong ock) Jang, who is in charge of control arm design  in the CTR design team.

CTR is my first company to get a job after graduating from university and I have been working in design team about 8 years. I will briefly introduce the control arm, which I’m in charge of in CTR design team.

There are aluminum control arms and hybrid control arms. The aluminum control arm is manufactured by casting and forging. And the hybrid control arm is plastic injection over steel stamping. We provide two types of control arms to customers around the world. Customers are satisfied with lightweight and optimized CTR products.


controal arm03.png


I will explain the control arm design process. Upon receiving the customer's SOR, a kinematic analysis for interference check with surrounding parts, load case analysis, and material selection to satisfy customer requirements are performed. Control arm design is designed using topology  and shape optimization tools.  The optimized model is verified / by static, fatigue and modal analysis.  And the final verified design will be proposed to the customer. CTR is a Control Arm Total Solution Manufacturer that develops control arm from beginning to end with its own technology.

controal arm01.png


Forging analysis is performed to secure the yield and formability of forging. From pre-forming to forging, simulation studies are conducted in advance, so the highest quality products can be manufactured. And the 2nd to 4th slides are the process of reducing weight using the Optimization tool. Check the stress distribution using topology and shape optimization and perform 3D modeling of the control arm to match the process conditions. CTR's optimization design technology is the best in the world.

I am very convinced that the day when CTR's light weight control arm is recognized as the world's best product will soon come.

Because of COVID-19, I was able to communicate in a new way and I hope you enjoy watching it

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