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CTR R&D Center, Start and Core of Safe Mobility 22-03-22


Hello all. How are you doing in 2022?

I am Sunmin SEO, R&D Division Director.

CTR R&D Center is the starting point and the core of safe mobility for customers, our sub-suppliers and ourselves.

We are responsible for the beginning to achieve quality and cost.

This beginning determines the most of our final appearance as well. Because of that, we are focusing all our energies on this beginning.


The first, we have specialized the technologies that our customers can rely on. 




We design, manufacture and validate our products based on our experiences and knowledge of the performance and the strength for not only vehicle components but also chassis modules and whole vehicles.

Our 70-year experiences include understanding the kinematic and dynamic behavior of vehicles around the world ever produced so far, and the technological evolution of all automotive modules and components.

So we can provide optimized chassis components for the vehicle that customers expect.

The second, our standardized and commonized technologies make us supply competitive components quickly to the rapidly changing market.


Even today, we are continuously developing and upgrading the technical expertise of mobility and the optimized standardization for flexible production.

We are carrying out various R&D tasks based on our knowledge of the automobile kinematics and dynamics around the world.

We are proposing to customers a new type chassis module with improved steering stability for high-performance vehicles or especially electric vehicles.

As a supplier considering the higher performance and the lower cost of modules and whole vehicles, we are servicing the new module technology to our customers.


Key words of recent our R&D activities can be summarized as Smart R&D, Big Data, assetization of technology, and maximization of work efficiency.




The R&D Center determines the quality and the cost for mass production through the process of design, manufacturing, and validation.

The processes are performed in a digital environment, and all engineers' activities are recorded as digital data, so Big Data can be accumulated, visualized and analyzed by AI.

We are preparing the basis for predicting the quality and the cost of the products from the beginning of project.

Join us. You will get a solution.

Thank you. Good luck!

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